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This is the ultimate solution for seamless Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and IP Address Management (IPAM).

Revolutionize your operations with NetBox's comprehensive platform designed to streamline, organize, and optimize your network infrastructure.

Gain unprecedented control and visibility over your assets, IP addresses, and network devices with intuitive tools for efficient planning, tracking, and management.

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to effortless management, all while ensuring scalability and reliability for your business.

Elevate your operations to new heights with NetBox - the powerhouse solution for robust DCIM and IPAM needs.

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You will get a dedicated Netbox instance in a dedicated virtual machine - isolated DB, isolated filesystem. Your data is yours and only yours.

Requests are handled by Nginx proxy to allow increased performance and SSL termination.

Access to the instance will be provided via a dedicated IP address, and a SSL proteced domain.

Superuser login access with be sent to your account email.

Our service provides monthly database backups, best effort free technical support for the VM operation.
This is not support for Netbox operation and usage. There are paid upgrades for Netbox support as needed.

MikroTik TheDude

TheDude by MikroTik is your dedicated network management companion, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to monitor, visualize, and optimize your network infrastructure. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, TheDude simplifies the complexities of network monitoring.

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Effortlessly map out your network topology, track device health, and receive real-time alerts for potential issues, ensuring proactive management. Dive into detailed monitoring with customizable graphs and statistics, allowing you to analyze network performance and trends.

Stay ahead of potential bottlenecks or outages by setting up automated alerts and notifications, empowering you to take preemptive actions to maintain seamless operations. With TheDude, simplify your network management, enhance reliability, and ensure optimal performance.

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You can request any specific version - we will use 6.48.6 long-term by default unless you request a different one.

You will get a dedicated MikroTik CHR instance in a dedicated virtual machine, with a fully loaded Dude package plus a premium set of icons for network mapping.

This instance will be fully accessible via SSH, Winbox, Dude Client and standard MikroTik tools.

With your request, there is a 1hr support included to help you set a VPN if required.

Access to the instance will be provided via a dedicated IP address, and a domain name as You can of course point your own domain to this IP address.